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  1. All members of the above described Staff shall:
  1. Act in the course of their duties solely in the best interests of Caring For Seniors Home Care without consideration to the interests of any other Agency, Organization or Association with which they are associated and refrain from taking part in any transaction where such person(s) do not believe in good faith that they can act with undivided loyalty to the Agency
  1. Disclose any material, financial or other beneficial interest to any entity engaged in the delivery of goods or services to Caring For Seniors Home Care and/or its members.
  1. Disclose any transactions which would result in any benefit to themselves, their immediate families, or any entity in which they hold a significant financial ownership or other interest, and refrain from participation in any action on such matters, except upon approval of all upper management after full and frank disclosure.
  1. Refrain from utilizing any inside information as to the business activities for the benefit of themselves, their immediate families or any entity with which they may be associated.
  1. All Staff shall be required to sign a confidentiality statement which includes content related to.
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Non-competition
  4. Recruitment/Solicitation of Personnel
  1. All Staff agree to devote their best efforts to Caring for Seniors Home Care and not directly or indirectly be engaged in or connected with any other commercial pursuits whatsoever without written authorization of Caring For Seniors Home Care